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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. I really needed the inspiration that I got, and I used several of your strategies in an employee meeting (12 people) on Thursday afternoon! I wrote some business and am returning next week to meet one on one with everyone who attended the meeting (as well as several who weren’t able to attend the group meeting) and believe it will be a successful day!

Thanks again – this seminar happened when I needed it as I’ve been adrift a bit and needed to regain my focus and motivation! I look forward to receiving your newsletter and have already cracked open your book!

By: - Diane Jaques - AFLAC ~ "We've got you under our wing!"

As someone who had heard you speak one other time before the Cape Cod Conference, I laughed when I heard two of my colleagues debating over whether to leave for drinks or to stay and listen to your presentation. One office leader said, “It’s probably all the same stuff we’ve heard again and again. Can’t be anything new!” John, I told them they would not believe the original ideas you had. They stayed.
Just as I had told them, there were ideas that I had never heard before in 21 years of real estate. In fact, one of those ideas has already helped me. Within minutes of hearing your “why” idea for the first time, I used it to resurrect a sale that had died earlier that day.
In my 21 years as a successful broker and agent, I have spent thousands of dollars in books, audio tapes, and other educational material, and I’ve traveled across the country to hear internationally recognized speakers. During most other lectures I write a few notes and they are usually reminders of old ideas. While hearing you speak I actually took pages of notes from your powerful, fresh ideas. Your speech was what I would call “advanced” and it was all meat. You did not have any, what I call “time fillers”. Any outside, real-life reference or example you used was used to illustrate a point.
You did an outstanding job! I will look for you at future conferences I am considering attending and if you are speaking, I will more than likely attend for that reason alone.
By the way, the office leader I mentioned earlier waited in line to buy your book! (Really!) ☺
Thanks for helping to make our conference great!

By: - Diane Dabrowski, Broker/Owner - Alliance with ERA Key Realty CRB/CRS/ABRM/ABR/SRES/GRI

As a #1 sales rep in the medical sales field for 8 years and now, as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NeuroLogica Corp., Sales Encyclopedia is the book I would have written if I had written a book on sales. After first being introduced to it, I read it from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. As I was in the midst of a national sales meeting, I worked many of the principles and ideas into a presentation I was doing the next day. Sales Encyclopedia is full of solid, applicable ideas, which I try to instill in my sales people as far as what it takes to be successful in selling. Unlike many of the sales books you find today it does not contain theories formulated in a classroom somewhere by some PHD who has never really sold. All of the ideas come from the real-world success of #1 sales people. The ideas are presented in very straight-forward and easy to understand format using language everyone can relate to.

It was also great that you were able to present at our annual sales meeting. The team loved the talk! Your content really hit home with regard to staying motivated and doing more business even in a down economy. Ideas were original and not the same old stuff repackaged and regurgitated. You were really able to articulate what one must do to get motivated and get to and stay at the top in sales. It really reinforced what we are trying to do at NeuroLogica this year which is getting back to the basics.

By: - David Webster, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing - NeuroLogica Corporation Danvers, MA

Thank you for your great 2-hour presentation on customer service to the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. All the feedback I’ve received has been fabulous! From the audience interaction, questions, and diligent note taking, it was apparent that all present got a ton of useful information that they can easily put to use to greatly improve customer service. Not to mention your preparedness and professionalism. I would highly recommend you to other Chambers and groups.

By: - Cindy Skowyra - Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Thanks for presenting at our meeting the other day. It was both motivational and very informative and everyone had rave reviews. We particularly liked the points on how to get better at selling and how to sell more in this tough economy.

I’m sure everyone will be able to apply much of this information to their sales calls and make more sales as a result.

All salespeople can benefit from your great information as well as your book: Sales Encyclopedia. My agents have found all your information extremely valuable!

By: - Jeff Taylor – Manager – ERA KEY REALTY SERVICES– Westborough, MA

Your recent performance at our dinner meeting was outstanding. Thank you for the part you played in making our event successful.

The response to your speech was tremendous. I know that you carefully researched our company through interviews and reading various sales and marketing materials. You included some unique and original ideas and we especially appreciated how your overall theme tied our bank slogan and promise of respect with a smile, to our primary objective of building solid relationships throughout the community.

I am sure everyone who hires you will find you to be a first-class speaker, as well as an asset for their event.

By: - Rich Leahy - President – Webster Five Cents Savings Bank

After hearing you speak in our Spencer office in September, Bruce and I knew immediately we had to have you as our closing speaker at our Cape Cod Conference.

Your original ideas were very refreshing after hearing many of the same ideas over and over again at many of the conferences. It is evident that all the conference attendees agree as all the feedback from your speech has been fabulous!

I will be recommending you to other offices. In fact, if you want to get me a flyer or some info I can share with the other ERA Offices in MA and CT that came to the program, I would be happy to forward it to the key contacts at those offices.

Thanks for a great close to the conference and for motivating and educating our people to do and achieve more!

By: - Cheryl Taylor, Chief Operating Officer - ERA Key Realty Whitinsville, MA

Thank you for your wonderful presentation to the WIND audience. It seems the entire group left with a smile on their face and a renewed determination to take charge of their life. I loved how you weaved your own personal stories into the tried and true points you so clearly outlined regarding staying motivated.

You have a gift in knowing how to share your knowledge with others. We at WIND Networking will be spreading the word about your talents.

By: - Larry Elle – Director – WIND South

I’ve been a real estate broker since the early 70’s and you are the best motivational speaker I’ve ever heard. You got my attention immediately and held it for your entire presentation – you are very well spoken, present a very professional image (loved your tie) and obviously love what you do. I can’t wait to start reading your book. I’m also attending a corporate seminar tomorrow and am referring you to 2 of our “higher ups” – thanks so much!!

By: - Beverly Lazzara – Realtor

I’ve seen hundreds of speakers in my 30+ years in real estate and every time, I know it’s coming: The dreaded sales pitch!! I’ve seen speakers spend a half hour “pushing” product. Drives me absolutely crazy and I know I’m not alone, we all hate it. What a breath of fresh air when John Chapin presented. 🙂 At the end of his presentation he said, rather uncomfortably, something like, “This is my book, if you’re interested, ask me about it.” Okay, he said a little more than that, probably took 1 minute, if that, but the complete, total opposite of the in-your-face sales pressure push. Just lots of good information in an hour presentation followed by, “here’s what I have, if you want to talk to me about it, see me after.” Very nice and refreshing change after all these years!

By: - Charlie Hartigan – Coldwell Banker, Avon, CT

Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Thursday. I have tons of speakers call me and we don’t usually have speakers but because you came so highly recommended from the other managers, we decided to take a chance on you, and we’re very happy that we did. It was a unique and very pleasant experience.

As you know, the subject we discussed just prior to your presentation spawned some unexpected controversy and negativity. We really appreciate you addressing the subject at the beginning of your presentation and completely turning the meeting around, pointing us back in a positive direction.

It was amazing to see our group, which usually has a short attention span, riveted for the entire 45 minutes you were up there, and they would have listened even longer. Also, our group is typically a fairly stingy group so I was surprised to see them flocking to invest in your book, especially after you spent less than a minute talking about it at the very end. I think their attention to your presentation and interest in the book were both a testament to your original, compelling, and very applicable content.

By: - Vinnie Walsh – Sales Manager – Coldwell Banker, East Longmeadow, MA

Just had to send you a quick note with another big THANK YOU!! For two days now my agents have been talking about how great your program was and thanking me for having you! Doreen for one said she could have listened to you all day. Several others said you’re the best speaker they’ve ever heard. The energy in the office has completely shifted and everyone is being proactive and chasing business with great results. They are also diving into your book and CDs and getting more fired up. I’ve never seen anything like it! I’ve also had some ask if we can have you come in on a regular basis. Let me know what other offices you’re going to be in and when. Several agents want to see you again and the one’s that missed it are kicking themselves after hearing two days of “John this, John that”. 🙂
Please give my name out as a reference and please stay in touch. Oh, also got the first newsletter, great information! Thanks again!

By: - Steve Votto, Cheshire Sales Manager - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“John’s the funniest speaker I’ve ever heard.”

By: – Gail Fallon – ERA Realty – MA

“Everyone needs to hear that speech!”

By: - Matt Manganelli – NE Moves Mortgage – MA

“John, I have heard every motivational speaker out there at international, national and state conferences. Your presentation was equal to or greater than those name brand speakers. And yes, I did hear some ideas I’ve never heard before.”

By: - David Nelson - Realtor Since 1984

“I increased my leads by 250% after one phone session.”

By: – Jackie Columbo – Akron, OH

“One cold calling idea got me into an account that I haven’t been able to get into for 9 years.”

By: - Jean Marie Reheuser – Auburn, MA

“I’ve been the program chair for this women’s group for over five years and you’re the best speaker we’ve ever had.”

By: - Carol Cusano – Branford, CT

“In 42 years of selling I thought I had heard EVERYTHING about sales, I was wrong, you taught me some new ideas.”

By: - Rich Garvin – Lake Orion, MI

“John’s book, Sales Encyclopedia, provides sales professionals with both the will and the skill to increase productivity. From topics ranging from dealing with different prospects to gaining commitment to remaining positive, you will benefit from the concepts in this book.”

By: Bryan Flanagan, Director of Corporate Sales Training, Zig Ziglar Corporation

“After hearing John speak I did more business in two months than I did all of last year.”

By: Brian Burke – Coldwell Banker – CT

“John, the energy and attitude in the office has completely shifted and everyone is being
proactive and chasing business with great results. For two days now they have been
thanking me and begging me to have you back as soon as possible.”

By: Steve Votto – Cheshire Sales Manager

“My leads increased by 433% after spending one hour on the phone with John.”

By: Jason Wolkowicz – Sales Rep – TX

“Thanks for the great presentation; agent feedback, ‘best speaker we’ve ever had’ can’t beat that.”

By: - Rick Davitt – Sales Manager – MA