Double Your Real Estate Business

Double Your Real Estate Business in the Next 12 Months

Top Realtors make more sales in less than a month than the average Realtor makes in a year. You’ll learn:

How a top Realtor got 6 listings the first month in business (anyone can do this, you don’t need a huge network)
How another top Realtor got 12 listings in two weeks (again, anyone can do this)
Prospecting techniques to expand your network and get more listings (many top Realtors are using these to have their best years now, and they’ve been in the business for decades)
How one of the top Realtors in the country gets people to adjust their house price when necessary (this works 99% of the time for him).

The mindset of the top Realtors.

What it takes to get and stay motivated and sell at the highest levels. You’ll hear real estate specific examples of what it takes to sell more now.

Other ideas such as: why you only look in someone’s left eye, how to connect with another 3% of the population that totally does not trust you right now, how to connect with any personality type, and other strategies that will set you apart from 95% of other Realtors.

This is a two CD set. CD #1 is titled: How the top Realtors do tons of business in this economy.

CD #2 is a recent version (Dec. 2011) of John’s Real Estate keynote speech.

Price is all inclusive: includes shipping and handling and taxes. $97